GAD (Gute Art & Design AB)

GAD was founded in 1998 by former IT consultant Kristian Eriksson who moved from Stockholm to the Island of Gotland in order to pursue his ambition to design produce well crafted and durable furniture using traditional joinery techniques. Ericsson found GAD on the Island to manufacture his designs in response to the growth of cheap mass-produced Swedish furniture.

Eriksson exhibited a handful of models at the Stockholm Furniture Fair receiving critical acclaim from the press and winning the prestigious “Utmärkt Svensk Form” (Swedish Award for Excellence) for his Fårö bench. Fårö continues to be one of the companies most popular designs.

The triumph in Stockholm translated into sales success which enabled Eriksson to open his own workshop own joinery in Hemsedal where the majority of Gad’s furniture is still produced by GAD’s highly skilled artisans.

The workshop prides itself on producing furniture of the highest quality in solid birch and oak. Woodwork is complimented with surfaces produced from locally sourced sheepskins and natural materials such limestone as well as glass and steel to creates exciting combinations of materials.

Craftsmanship is in the detail that is often hidden in the way every piece of GAD furniture is assembled. The use of traditional cabinetmaking techniques become evident on opening a drawer which slides effortlessly on runners of solid beech chosen for its lubricating properties.

Furniture frames are constructed using mortice and tenon joints and drawers are beautifully constructed using half blind dovetail joints. Drawer fronts are cut from the same piece of wood as their surround to ensure an unbroken flow of woodgrain and all stainless steel mountings are ground flush with timber surfaces.

All GAD furniture is produced using carefully selected and matched sections of solid wood that can be maintained and restored over years over many years of use and the style of each piece is  designed to be both modern and functional over generations of use.