Fällbord folding table

Fällbord folding table

While work on developing bent wood chairs was the main focus for Bruno Mathsson during the mid to late 1930’s, in 1935 he also designed this gate leg folding table. That it is still in production over eight decades later is a testament to Mathsson’s most ingenious approach to solving practical problems.

In 1936, Bruno Mathsson launched his ingenious further development of the traditional folding table that has existed in Swedish homes since the 17th century. The table can be folded out or folded by one person. When the American magazine Everyday Art Quarterly in the mid-1950s wanted to illustrate an article

about Swedish form in general, it was done with a single image, on Bruno Mathsson’s folding table.

When closed the table measures less than 10 inches and expands sequencally to over nine feet accomodating up to 12 to 14 diners.  The MI901 folding table is the perfect choice where space is limited.

The design is a continuation of familiar form, the gate leg table a practical design that has been common in European homes since the 16th Century. Mathsson’s dual gate design can be quickly expanded to its maximum length by just one person familiar with the technique.