Mifot Mi431 is the perfect partner for the Perniila 2 easy chair, the addition of which flows seamlessly from the chair forming a full length chaise longue on which to recline and relax.

Mifot can be upholstered in plaited webbing, sheepskin or fully upholstered in Tonus fabric or Elmosoft leather over polyether (CHMR) foam with a supporting web.  When upholstered the fabric or leather is stitched horizontally with parallel seams.

In 1943 Mathsson was visited in Värnamo by the journalist, Pernilla Tunberger from Dagens Nyheter. Mathsson was so pleased with the article

she published after their meeting that he named a redesigned easy chair with the back tilted further backwards after her – “Pernilla 1”.

In 1944 the profile of the chair was further modified with an angle to improve comfort between that of the work chair and Pernilla 1. In this final version,  Pernilla 2. Bruno Mathsson settled on a sitting position that did not fully recline but offered excellent sitting comfort.

Resting on an underarm and arms in laminated beech the solid birch  frame of Pernilla 2 provides firm support to the back while the forward tilting head rest secures an upholstered pillow for the neck and head.