Faro Stool

Faro Stool

The Fårö stool is one of GAD’s successful designs and compliments the larger bench. At 55 cm is the perfect seat for the dressing or bedroom where its soft luxurious upholstery of Gotland sheepskin can be most appreciated. Gotland sheepskin has the unique appearance and lustre of rich grey tones particular to sheep from the island and at times these fleeces can be difficult to source.

The Fårö stool is a visual feast and one of GAD’s most popular designs. The

larger bench was first exhibited as part of the first collection shown for the first time by designer Kristian Ericsson at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 1998.

The frame of Fårö is assembled using mortice and tenon joints and is available in the following finishes

  • Finishes
  • *Birch as standard is soaped.
  • *Oak as standard soaped, clear oil treated or black lacquered.

*Other surface treatments such as lacquer or paint finishes are available on request