Jetson 66 Mesh with Cushion

Mi466 mesh
Jetson 66 Mesh with Cushion

Jetson 66

By the beginning of the 1960’s Bruno Mathsson turned his attention to the possibilities of steel as a material in designing furniture. He was attracted to the possibility of creating  new forms of resilient furniture combining lightness with good comfort.

Mathsson had always considered wood to be the material he believed most suited his ideas for the design of modern furniture although after the Jetson chair he worked increasingly with tubular steel although as early as 1941 he had sketched an armchair in

the material.

As with his bent laminated furniture he strived to minimise the amount of padding required allowing the form to provide the right level of support. In 1965, inspired by the advent of the space age he designed an easy chair which he exhibited for the first time at an exhibition in Malmö a year later.

The futurist appearance of Mathsson’s design gained the chair the nickname of Jetson after the American cartoon series “The Jetsons”.  The chair was relaunched by Bruno Mathsson International in 2005 to the designers original specification as Jetson 66.