Kuggen Table (seats 6)

Kuggen Table (seats 6)

Kuggen Table.

The indentation that Mathsson developed for his Terminal Workstation was further developed in his design of this two part conference table he called “Kuggen”

Introduced in 1983 the Kuggen shares the same ergonomic advantages of the earlier Terminal Table in that the sitters arms are rested comfortably on the table surface rather than on a chair.

In the late

1970’s Bruno Mathsson contemplated the advances in office technology and in 1979 he contacted the Danish Division of Hewlett Packard. This led to his proposal for a computer workstation or Terminal table which he exhibited at the 1981 Copenhagen Furniture Fair.

Mathsson placed the keyboard on an angled, sliding surface the front edge of which featured a space cutout for the sitter. This space Mathsson called the “stomach hole” .