Square Split Leg Tables

Mi520 - Mi529
Square Split Leg Tables

Split Leg Tables

Bruno Mathsson’s series of Split Leg Tables from the late 1960’s diverge from the designers previous experiments into the possibilities of bent wood in that the supporting legs in the Split Leg series are machined from solid beech.

Tables tops are manufactured using traditional craft methods developed over centuries that producing a strong stable construction that is both light and stable. Built around a core of solid sawn rectangular sections of Alder

wood, edge glued with transverse cross band veneer and finished with longitudinal top veneer balance on both sides.

Swedish Alder wood (Alnus Glutinous) is used as it is resistant to changes in humidity and excellent stability. The core of solid timber provides the craftsman with a sound base for necessary fixings and machining so that edges are not necessary.

The construction is extremely strong with minimum deflection under load removing the necessity for structural under frames giving the Mathsson tables their light airy appearance.